Saturday, 1 June 2013

Series One, Programme One

In tonight's holdall-packed episode, Frinton TV's Twig Harper will be presenting the first of a 200 part series about something or other.  There's also the first ever appearance on radio of an alarm clock with a tuba nailed to the side, and a Dalek will be appearing as himself.  Plus find out what to do if a bowler hat is fired at you from a cannon.  All this and a genuine policeman tonight on tonight's collection of audio accoutrements, tonight.


What is The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show?

I will be posting all the Nothing To Do With Anything Shows here so they can all be accessed quickly and easily...but what is it exactly?

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show is a series of 15-minute programmes featuring bizarre characters, surreal features, and experimental sketch comedy, mangled together in an innovative, fast-moving, freeform style.

The show has gained a loyal following as a podcast, receiving praise from the Radio Times, the Observer, Metro, Chortle, and the British Comedy Guide for its originality.

Ah so that's what it is...!

Now read, and listen, on....